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ChurchKids Library Presentation - ('PowerPoint' pres. in printable PDF format)
Find the Library Resource You Need - Grouped by Age and Activity

Barefoot 101 Computing - Safety and Organization
ChurchKids Free Mega Library - Resource library
Computer Proverbs For Christians - Short scriptural tips for computing
Evangelism Gold - Tech Trash Overview
Flour-Powered Computers - Cardboard computers in preteen evangelism
God's Computer Academy - Home School Certified Trio Lessons 
God's Computer Manual 1 - Computer principles in scripture
God's Computer Manual 2 - Spreadsheet computing in the Old Testament
Getting Keeping Church Kids - Examples of Tech Trash principles from scripture
God's Quad Workshop - Progress quartets in God's word
God's WORTHshop - Far more than busy work.
Goin' 'n Growin' - Progressive tracting
Help Cries - Seniors mentoring ex-teens
Jericho Walls Teen Center - Teens built a teen center out of a condemned building
Mr. Job Fired From His Job - Employment attitudes
Noah & the Teen Steppers - Getting a teen business started, God's way.
PowerHouse in My Shoes - Getting teenagers organized
Puzzle That Breathes - Helping seniors reach out to teens
SpaceAge Clubhouse - 22 stories in condemned bldg using trash computer parts.
Teen Bridge - Mentoring teens with trios.
Teenage Jesus - Guide for mentoring teens
Scrap 'n Screwdriver Missions - Building a bridge between Teens in Pain and Full Joy, Unspeakable
Texting With Hope - Kitchen table teen evangelism
Videos - 11 YouTube videos